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How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5, 2-4, 2-6

Posted on August 11 2020 by WikiHow in Netflix Error Code NW-2-5, Netflix Error Code NW-2-6, Netflix Error Code NW-2-4

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5, 2-4, 2-6

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5, 2-4, 2-6

Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5

With Netflix, countless movies, cartoons, and TV shows are delivered directly to all customers' devices over the Internet. Netflix can be accessed through Xbox, PS, Smart TV, and other similar devices. Subscribers can try it free for a month before signing up for a monthly fee.

Despite its popularity and efficiency, Netflix sometimes returns an error code, "NW-2-5". It is often difficult to determine the reason for this error, which may appear to occur randomly. However, it is usually related to connectivity issues - slow internet speeds, bad connection, router issues, etc. The error is usually indicative of a network connectivity problem that is preventing your device from accessing the Netflix service.

In this guide, we provide solutions for Netflix users accessing the service through Blu-ray players, PlayStation 3 and 4, Roku, Streaming Media Player, Smart TV, Wii U, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. If you find a Netflix error code "NW-2-5", try the possible solutions below.

If you want to fix a Netflix error code NW-2-5, please dive below:

Step 1: Hit Try again on the error screen: Certainly, that's all you need to do.

Step 2: Restart your device: If your device has a sleep mode, you have to remember to completely shut down and restart the device. In some situations, you want to unplug the device for 1 minute after turning it off.

Step 3: Check to remember that your device is connected to Wi-Fi: Some devices have a feature that examines the Wi-Fi connection for you. If your device lacks such a feature, try streaming a video or viewing a web page using an app other than Netflix.

Step 4: Verify that the network you are connected to supports or compatible streaming: Are you connected to a shared Wi-Fi connection at a company, hotel, or university? If so, your network administrator may have disabled access to streaming services. Just contact your network administrator if you don't know.

Step 5: Restart your home network. Turn off both the modem and the router, if they are separate devices. You may also want to disconnect them to fully resolve the issue.

Step 6: Check your DNS settings. Some devices allow you to verify DNS settings and some do not. If you can't verify the DNS settings on your device, you will have to skip this step.

Step 7:Try an ethernet connection, or better your Wi-Fi signal. Using a wired Ethernet connection offers the best streaming experience. If that's not possible, reposition your device and router to take in the strongest possible Wi-Fi signal.

Step 8: Contact your ISP. If you are still having problems after following these steps, then there may be a problem with your Wi-Fi connection or your ISP probably has a bigger problem.

Note: some ISPs offer parental controls. You may want to disable parental controls or change settings to use Netflix.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-4, 2-6

  • Test your internet connection
  • Restart your Roku
  • Make sure your network supports streaming
  • Restart your home network
  • Connect your Roku directly to your modem
  • Restore your default connection settings
  • Improve your Wi-Fi signal


  • Make sure your network supports streaming
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet
  • Reboot your device
  • Restart your home network
  • Connect your streaming media directly to your modem
  • Restore your default connection settings
  • Improve your Wi-Fi signal
  • 2020 fix Netflix error code NW 2-4

Troubleshooting Guide for Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

Below is a list of solutions that you can try to fix this annoying error on all your devices. These fixes get progressively complicated and lengthy, so we recommend that you try them in ascending order to avoid unnecessary problems.

Solution 1: Restart your device

This simple method clears all Netflix cache from the device in use and works correctly every 3 out of 5 times. Just turn off your device and keep it unplugged for at least a minute. Now turn it back on and open Netflix. If the error goes away, you can leave this page, but if not, scroll down to see the next solution.

Solution 2: Check DNS settings on game consoles

Sometimes this error arises due to a configuration problem with your game console's network or incorrect / corrupted information related to your domain name and IP address. Reconfiguring DNS settings for consoles can help resolve error code NW-3-6.

  • For PlayStation
  • Go to "Settings" in the main menu.
  • Choose "Network Settings"> "Internet Connection Settings"> "Custom".
  • Choose "Wired connection" or "WiFi".
  • Select "Automatic" for IP address settings> "Do not configure" for DHCP hostname> "Automatic" for DNS settings> "Automatic" for MTU and then "Do not use" for proxy server
  • Click the "X" button to save the changes
  • Select "Test connection".

For Xbox

  • Press the "Guide" button on your controller
  • Go to "Settings"> choose "System Settings".
  • Choose Network Settings.
  • Choose "network"> select "Configure network".
  • Go to "DNS Settings" and select "Automatic".
  • Restart your Xbox
  • Try Netflix

Solution 3: set the IP address to static for Smart TV

An unstable connection between the modem / router and your device may also be causing the Netflix error code NW-3-6. You can try resetting the IP address to static to solve the problem by following these simple steps.

  • Go to "Settings", then "Network" and then "Network Status".
  • Copy or save a picture of the "IP address", the "subnet" and the "gateway".
  • Now go back to "Red".
  • Go to "set network to manual".
  • Enter the information you copied or took a photo
  • For DNS, enter "Google Public DNS Server" and try using Netflix
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