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How To Fix Google Chrome Not Working in Ubuntu Issues?

Posted on August 1 2020 by WikiHow in Resolve Google Chrome Not Working in Ubuntu, How To Fix Google Chrome Not Working in Ubuntu

Resolve Google Chrome Not Working in Ubuntu 15.10/16.04

How to fix google chrome, Ubuntu is an open-source operating system. Basically, it is based on Debian architecture. It is free of the open-source operating system. It comes in many flavors like Desktop, Server, etc. By default, Mozilla is installed. when you can’t open google chrome from the terminal and it doesn’t open in ubuntu. We need to update google chrome and its packages in ubuntu.

Google Chrome Not Working in Ubuntu

Suddenly, Google Chrome stopped working on your ubuntu machine. There may be a problem related to the packages that need to run Chrome on Ubuntu. Simply update or install the necessary packages. Google Chrome is an advanced browser that offers the best features for users. It is compatible with various operating systems such as Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, Android, and much more. Therefore, users can access it in any operating system.

However, most users reported a “Google Chrome does not work on Ubuntu” problem. There are many causes behind this and the solution also varies. To get the perfect solution, you need to filter the problems and then search for the solution.

Troubleshooting steps to repair Google Chrome not working on Ubuntu

Solution 1. Identify the problem

First of all, try to access another browser in Ubuntu to detect the problem. This process will let you know where the problem is; It is from the operating system or Google Chrome that does not work in ubuntu.

Solution 2. Delete navigation data

If another browser works fine in Ubuntu, clear the browser’s caches and browsing history. To do the same, open Google Chrome and click on the Menu, symbolized by the vertical dots located at the top of the page. In it, select More tools, and on the drop-down page, select Clear browsing data. This will take you to another page and here, select the browsing history fields, cookies, and other site data, cached images and files. After selecting all of this, click Clear Data. It will solve your google chrome problem not working on ubuntu.

Solution 3. Extensions problem

If the problem persists, open incognito mode and check if Google Chrome works on Ubuntu or not. If it works fine then the problem is at the end of the Extensions. To remove the same, launch Google Chrome and click the Menu button to get to the More tools section, and under it, select Extensions. Now select Extensions and click Delete.

Solution 4. Antivirus and firewall settings

Depending on this setting, you may not be able to open Google Chrome at all. Try turning off your firewall and antivirus programs and restart Google Chrome. If the browser works, create an exception in your settings to allow Google Chrome to run, then re-enable the programs. Google claims that users have reported that Spyware Doctor, Comodo Firewall and McAfee Enterprise may conflict with Google Chrome.

More at  https://medium.com/@vikeyi708/how-to-fix-google-chrome-not-working-in-ubuntu-issues-2f8b7a6b9250

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